Founded in 2017 by three friends from Richmond, Va., Le Storie Wines is a small importer and distributor of wines from the USA and Europe. Le Storie means The Histories in Italian. We chose this name because the stories of each wine and winery and the stories that we all share are always what we come back to when asked a question about one of our producers or wines. These stories of wrong turns, good fortune, successes, failures, new discoveries, and old friends are what we enjoy telling and talking about. Our goal is to bring those people, wines, and stories to you. 

We work with small wineries where we know the people who work the land and make the wines. We partner with people who respect both the land and the wines and who are trying to let the place and grapes tell their stories more than trying to "make" a great wine. We prefer people who do not manipulate their wines or use chemicals on their land. 

You can find our wines in the best independent restaurants and retail shops in your town. 

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